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Terms & Conditions

If you use this website, you agree to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions of use without limitation or reservation. These terms and the following Privacy policies govern all use of and access to ("The/This Website") and its pages, information, text, services and data.

Should you not wish to be bound by these Terms and Conditions then you may not access or use the website. Terms and Conditions may be revised or added to from time to time. Revisions become effective immediately and continued access of the website shall be considered acceptance of the revised terms and conditions. Revisions may be made without direct notification to you, and you accept that the posting of any amended terms and conditions by Lord Insurance Company, INC (“LIC”) to the website constitutes sufficient notice.

Correspondence via telephone and emails may be recorded for training purposes, quality assurance, and fraud prevention. By committing to these communication methods you consent to the above recordings.

All insurance is arranged through licensed insurers. LIC is licensed in DE, PA, NJ and MD.

If a provision within these terms and conditions is found to be unlawful or void, the provision shall be deemed invalid without affecting the validity or enforceability of the remaining provisions within these terms and conditions.

If you have any issues with the terms and conditions for this website please send your questions via email to

Availability and Accuracy

If technical matters interrupt or cause errors in accessing this website LIC does not guarantee defects to be remedied or a virus-free website.

The informational content provided on this website is collected from publicly available sources and was accurate at time of publication, and materials provided are too so on an 'as is' basis. Any information gathered by you or use of any tools on this website do not constitute an official offer of insurance to you.

Access to and use of materials on this website are done so at the user's own risk and LIC does not guarantee downloaded files will not cause damage to property, loss of data, computer viruses, infections or any other forms of malicious software. In the event of content being altered by an unauthorised third-party, LIC will accept no liability or responsibility of such damages.

Access to the website may be suspended without warning or notice to you use in order to allow for maintenance, repairs or other necessary reasons.

It is your responsibility to comply with all local laws that apply to you in the use and access of this website, and you are forbidden from making transactions if those laws prohibit the products and services offered on this website. LIC is not liable if your own content or material is lost when uploading it through this website.

LIC does not offer a guarantee on the provision of a particular product and does not accept liability for withdrawing a product or rejecting an application for a policy.

LIC excludes all liability in contract, tort (including negligence), statutory duty or otherwise for any errors on this website and shall not be liable for any direct or indirect economic losses or loss of revenues, data, profits or damage suffered from the use of this website.

No Advice

LIC does not provide advice of any kind whether personal, financial or medical. The information on this website is not sensitive to your specific financial or insurance state and you are recommended to seek independent advice concerning your particular position before acting on the information you find on this website.

Website Links

Links provided on this website are to sources not under the control of LIC. All links are provided solely for information and convenience, and visiting them is to do so at your own risk. The Terms and Conditions found on third party websites may not align with the Terms and Conditions for use of this website, and LIC is not responsible for the use for pages outside of LIC’s website ~ Activating a link will cause you to leave LIC and any loss or damage suffered through the use of those websites is not the responsibility of LIC.

Ownership and Limitation of Use.

You may not use, upload, post, publish, reproduce or otherwise transfer any component of this website or create derivative works with respect thereto. No part of this website may be displayed in public in any form without the consent of LIC. All intellectual property rights on the pages of this website are licensed to and owned by LIC and its associated affiliates. Nothing on this website permits any person the right to use any image, logo, name or trademark licensed by LIC, and to do so constitutes an infringement on the rights of the licensee.

All comments left by you on this website are our property and may be used by LIC without notification or payment to you. You are prohibited from inserting hyperlinks into this website. Intent to corrupt, damage, interfere with or deny service from any pages on the website shall result in any necessary action to protect our website and all intellectual property rights.

You may only use this website to obtain insurance quotes for yourself or your immediate family, or information relating to price for your friends. Insurance related transactions and queries for members of your immediate family may only be done so with their prior consent.


Any breach of these terms and conditions is a sufficient agreement to indemnify LIC for any and all loss suffered and for any costs incurred as a consequence of your breach. If immediate action is not taken against you, LIC is still entitled to enforce rights in respect of any such breach or any subsequent breach of these terms and conditions.

Applicable Laws and Jurisdiction

These 'Terms and Conditions' shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of Delaware. Disputes arising from the use of this website may be submitted to the jurisdiction of the Delaware courts.

Privacy Statement - Personal Information Collection Statement (PICS)

Purpose of Collection

LIC requires your personal information for the following: (a) processing your application; (b) administration and process of insurance policies, insurance claims and medical and security underwriting checks; (c) processing your payment; (d) communication to and notification for you; (e) providing you promotional information related to insurance or financial services or related wealth management products of LIC; (f) meeting disclosure requirements imposed by law or regulatory authorities.

Transfer of Personal Data

All personal data held remains confidential but may be shared with the following: (a) insurance companies; (b) insurance agents; (c) third party administrators; (d) third party service providers including legal advisors, investigators, loss adjusters, surveyors, specialists, repairers, accountants and data processors; (e) Person(s) to whom LIC is obligated to disclose information under the requirements of any law binding LIC or any of its associated companies for the purpose of any regulations, codes or guidelines issued by governmental, regulatory or other authorities with which LIC or any of its associated companies are expected to comply; (f) Person(s) in accordance with a law or order of a court of competent jurisdiction.

Access and Correction of Personal Data

Remaining in accordance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, you have the right to request to see and/or edit any personal information that you have provided. Please write to us at 1035 N Lincoln St, Ste 600, Wilmington, DE 19805 if you wish to do this. Please remember the Ordinance provides us the right to charge a reasonable fee for the processing of any personal information access or correction request.

Direct Marketing

The personal data collected by us may be used in the marketing and promotion of other insurance services and products and must be within your consent. This data includes your address, phone number, email and name, and may be transferred to companies affiliated to LIC. Please send email to us at if you do not consent to receive such marketing communications.

If you would prefer your personal data not be used for the Voluntary purposes listed above please notice us by email and send us a copy of this Notice at the address above.

Without an "opt-out" request from you, LIC shall treat the quotation and continuation of your policy as acceptance that LIC may continue to use personal data for voluntary marketing purposes. If you wish to withdraw your consent or to stop receiving information or direct marketing please contact

Anti-Spam Policy

LIC has a strict policy against spamming and forbids the sending of mass emails or unsolicited emails of any kind. We only send emails to those who have requested to receive it to follow accepted permission-based email guidelines. If you suspect that LIC has been used by someone to send spam, report the activity to and the issue will be investigated.

Confirmation of Insurance

Acceptance of your offer and request to purchase a product is not expressed through the submission of your information or the content of this website. A request for a policy may not be construed as an offer by LIC to provide a product to you. Confirmation is only communicated when your offer to purchase a product enters our records, your request is accepted by LIC and you are notified. Notification of confirmation of any insurance policy may or may not be issued on paper, and a binding contract is not conditional on you receiving paper confirmation.

Information on this website pertaining to products and services on offer are not representative of the complete description of the particular and individual terms and conditions nor the precise cover provided of that product. Comprehensive information including the relevant conditions will be provided in regards to the specific policy or product you wish to purchase either physically or electronically. In regards to a specific product or service, the conditions of that product or service shall prevail should contradictions arise with the general terms and conditions of this website.

It is your responsibility to ensure all details and information provided to this website in relation to payment are accurate and contain the sufficient funds to clear the cost of the purchased product or service.

Cookie Policy uses internet browser cookies to help analyze web traffic on this website and to identify which pages are being used. This is done in order to improve our website and tailor it to our customer's needs. Cookies do not give us access to your computer or any specific information about you. A web browser's default settings will automatically accept cookies.

Online Transactions

Where appropriate, all insurance documents will be sent to you electronically. In cases where insurance documents cannot be delivered electronically due to legal constrains, physical forms will be posted to you.

The services on this website allow you to make transactions online. Purchases online are not final until you are sent confirmation of your process. Your transaction confirmation is defined as communication from you to us via our website which contains your acceptance of an offer or your confirmation of payment.

LIC will not be liable if the email address you have provided for use within the transaction is inactive or is part of an expired account. It remains your responsibility to inform us of any change to your email address, and to ensure it is capable of receiving new emails and notifications.

Should your confirmation of payment not reach you as a result of mechanical, software, computer, telecommunications or electronic failure, or failure to receive an electronic instruction, LIC is not liable to you in any way for loss or damage.

Credit card details provided through this website may be retained after payment only for as long as it is necessary to facilitate transactions. LIC is allowed to refuse processing any transaction at any time and for any reason to the extent permitted by law, and will not be held liable.

Purchase and Payment

Prior to any cover being confirmed or provided to you, you are required to fully and faithfully inform LIC of everything you know, or could reasonably be expected to know that could be relevant in the process or the decision to grant you the requested insurance. To do otherwise may result in receiving no benefit from your chosen policy.

In order to purchase insurance products online: you may request a quote via this website which will then be provided to you electronically. Should you wish to accept the quote and its terms, and upon completion of all required details on your part, you may make a request to purchase the desired product. The request will then be accepted or rejected based on the information provided by you, with a binding insurance agreement created for you (should the application be accepted).

Purchases made through this website must be paid in full by the due date agreed to by you in the confirmation of purchase. All payments and renewals must be through the use of a type of credit card accepted by LIC, and the following details will be required:

  • Credit card type

  • Full name on credit card

  • Credit card number

  • Expiry date

A binding insurance contract is conditional on a successful transaction and charge against your nominated credit card and the reception of payment by LIC.

Any use of this website is acknowledgment that you accept the Privacy Statement and Terms and Conditions.

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